Senfukuji Temple & Nijurokuyason shrine

Shinmeizan-Senfukuji Temple is a branch of Enryakuji Temple belonging to the Tendai sect of Buddhism.it is said that about 1000 years ago Saint Jikaku founded it on the way to Ohwu districts, and Saint Ryoden opened it in 986.

When the great fire broke out in Kuji village in 1861, the main temple,the priest's quarters,treasures and archives were thoroughly reduced to ashes.The site of old temple is now used as the ground of Kuji primary school.In 1932,the cherished desire of supporters and believers materialized,new temple was rebuilt in the present site.

Nijurokuyason shrine exists in the precincts of the temple, Buddhist service called "Nijurokuyasama Hotoketate" is performed for the departed souls of ancestors,without relations and aborted babys,and also people prays for the well-being of their family in September 26 in the lunar calendar.

     (quoted from "Map of home town KUJI")

      Senfukuji Temple         Nijurokuyason shrine